2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse Tour

A 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse Tour for the upcoming Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023 in the United States is being hosted by Ring of Fire Expeditions (ROFE), one of the longest consecutive astronomical tour organization in the United States.

2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse TourAs the ROFE team notes, “We have specialized in astro-tourism since 1970 with expeditions organized and led by Paul D. Maley of the NASA Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society (travel arranged by Direct Travel in Houston, Texas USA).  You can join observation tours to see sights such as Halley’s Comet, the Leonid meteor shower, transits of Mercury and Venus across the Sun, spacecraft reentries, solar eclipses (land, sea and air), Northern Lights (land, sea, and air), lunar eclipses, grazing lunar occultations, active volcanoes and eclipses of stars by minor planets. We are the leading reliable, successful astronomy programs host for over 50 years! Many of our tours are small group tours of anywhere from 9-40 people.”

The 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse Tour is the company’s 50th solar eclipse trip and will climax with a 95% view of the 2023 annular eclipse in Mexican Hat, Utah, a curiously named town that draws its name from a rock formation that, from some angles, resembles a sombrero, or a “Mexican Hat.” The company chose the site for the ability to show participants some of the greatest geographical features the Western United States has to offer.

After flying into Phoenix, Arizona, tour participants will meet the tour instructor and head north to Flagstaff, Arizona to arrive at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument in and have time to explore this fascinating landscape – one which was molded to what it is today after a volcanic eruption in the early 1800’s.

The tour will then begin traveling and visiting Lowell Observatory, Barringer Meteor Crater National Landmark, Petrified Forest National Park, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, and finally arrive at Mexican Hat, Utah. After experiencing the eclipse, they tour will then visit the Tuba City Dinosaur Track Site, Grand Canyon National Park, Sedona’s Red Rock Trails, and then back to Phoenix for flights out.

You can learn more about the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse Tour trip details, costs and more here.

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