The 2020 NightScaper Conference, an Astro-Landscape Conference for Photographers

Coming to the Kanab Conference Center in Kanab, Utah, the second annual NightScaper Conference promises to be a rewarding experience for astro-landscape photographers and those who want to learn more about the subject from around the world. From May 20 – 22, 2020, attendees will learn how to take amazing nightscape photos with stunning landscapes in the foreground and real-time image exposures.

The second annual NightScaper Conference is an opportunity to socialize and network with 300 NightScape photographers. Over three days of seminars and nights of optional shooting near Kanab, Utah, conference attendees will hone their skills through dozens of night photography classes and discussions.

With 34 expert speakers during the 3-day conference, learn techniques from the best in the field while mingling with 300 like-minded photographers in round table discussions, panel discussions, and daily luncheons. Attendees will choose from over 70 photography programs to attend so they can hone and refine their photography skills.

Held in a dark-sky region where astro-landscape photographers can learn to photograph the best starry night skies and landscapes, remote Kanab, Utah is the perfect destination for the second annual NightScaper Conference. Outside the conference, schedule time to do photography on-your-own or to attend one of the many optional conference-associated workshops nearby. With quality local lodging, this 3-day gateway is conveniently located near some of the nation’s most beautiful national parks and monuments.

The cost to attend the event is $599US. You can learn more at the NightScaper Conference website.

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