AG Optical Systems Sourcing Telescope Optics from Star Instruments

AG Optical SystemsAG Optical Systems has announced that they are now offering optics sourced from Paul Jones of Star Instruments for the company’s line of astrographs. Jones has decades of experience making premium level optics for world-renowned telescopes such as those from RC Optical Systems.

The Convergent Series is a premium line of wide-field astrographs designed to provide a large, highly-corrected field of view for serious CCD imaging.  A permanently aligned integral field corrector eliminates coma and astigmatism across a flat 60mm field of view. When combined with the extensive use of carbon fiber, CNC-machined components, and low expansion optics, a Convergent Series astrograph offers wide-field imaging telescope capable of serious scientific and astroimaging performance.

The Convergent Fast Astrograph series of imaging telescopes offer a fast F5 focal ratio. Compared to a same aperture F7 telescope, a Convergent Fast Astrograph telescope captures a 100% larger field of view greatly expanding the universe of objects you can image.

The AG Optical Systems Convergent Fast Astrograph .35 meter (14.5 inch) F5 telescope (FA14 F5) is an observatory-class imaging instrument. The FA14 F5 optical system provides exceptional thermal stability utilizing low expansion optics to ensure the figure and focus stability as the temperature changes over the course of an imaging session. When combined with the rigid, thermally stable carbon fiber truss tube assembly of the FA14 you can expect to spend less time focusing and more time collecting data.

AG Optical Systems FA series carbon fiber truss optical tube assemblies offer three cooling fans to speed the cooling of the primary mirror while primary and secondary mirror heaters can be automatically controlled by the optional Thermal Control System (TCS).

The optional, robust, digital Optec Gemini rotating focuser is ASCOM-compatible is capable of precision focusing and rotation while carrying heavy CCD imaging trains.

You can learn more on the AG Optical Systems website.

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