Altair Astro Guide Scope to RACI Finder Conversion Kit

UK based Altair Astro now offers a Guide Scope to RACI Finder Conversion Kit that converts the latest model of the Altair Astro MG60 60mm Guide Scope into a 10×60 RACI finder scope with illuminated reticule eyepiece. RACI means “Right Angled Correct Image” because the image in the eyepiece is correctly orientated thanks to the prism, unlike with straight-through finder scopes.

The included illuminator has a variable setting, which illuminates the cross hairs in the eyepiece. The included eyepiece has a dark field illuminated crosshair, so you can easily see it glowing faintly against the background sky, an upgrade for standard finders with dark crosshairs.

Altair AstroThe high quality 1.25″ FMC illuminated eyepiece has excellent eye relief for glasses-wearers, a folding rubber eyecup and a wide field of view. It has a side-port to screw in the included variable brightness reticule illuminator, and the finder can be very easily focused, using the included helical focuser integrated with the prism diagonal.

By rotating the eyepiece top, you can ensure maximum sharpness of the illuminated reticule against the sky background.

The kit consists of:

– 23mm wide field eyepiece with large rear exit lens, laser etched illuminated reticule, built in reticule focuser.

– CNC machined variable brightness LED illuminator, which plugs into the eyepiece – requires 2x LR44 or GPA76 batteries (not included).

– 1.25″ Erect image prism, FMC Multi Coated, with built-in helical focuser.

– Rear Rotating assembly with 3 grub screws, and a locking thumbscrew.

Instillation is simple:

1) Unscrew the red anodized ring at the rear of your existing finder scope. If tight, apply a drop of WD40 to the gap and let it soak in.

2) One you’re removed the existing rear assembly, simple screw in the rear RACI assembly.

3) Tighten the 3 black grub screws around the periphery of the red anodized ring on the part you just attached, just enough to allow easy rotation of the rear assembly without wobble. Then tighten the side thumbscrew.

4) Insert the eyepiece and screw the variable brightness illuminator on.

Now you have a guide scope and finder scope in one.

If you don’t own an Altair Astro MG60 Altair 60mm Guide Scope this new option might be worth considering. You can learn more here.

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