ASCOM Alpaca for FocusLynx

ASCOM Alpaca for FocusLynx is now available through Optec’s FocusLynx Alpaca driver v3.50. With the release of ASCOM Platform 6.5 Optec has released Alpaca drivers and software for FocusLynx and ThirdLynx controllers. Installer packages for Windows, Raspberry Pi, Linux and Mac are available.

Optec’s Daniel Van Noord has been working closely with the ASCOM Development Team to release ASCOM Alpaca which provides true cross-platform compatibility for any telescope device running on any scope mounted computer and connected to your favorite observatory control package.

ASCOM Alpaca is a modern standard that offers functionality that is being adopted by a number of companies within the industry. ASCOM Alpaca provides communication between astronomy programs and astronomy devices on multiple operating systems like iOS, Linux, Android, and Mac, using the Internet (which means Wi-Fi-connected mobile devices and also astronomy instruments connected via Wi-Fi). It also provides transparent communications with existing unmodified devices, drivers, and programs on Windows.

ASCOM Alpaca for FocusLynxASCOM Alpaca provides the path for:

– Astronomy programs and devices to be connected across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

– Observatory systems to include programs and devices on multiple platforms.

– Devices that can operate via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and avoid the problems with USB.

– Interoperability between astronomy programs and devices running under different operating systems.

– Implementation of astronomy programs and device control logic written in different languages on different operating systems.

– Current unmodified Windows astronomy programs to use ASCOM compatible devices connected to any networked PC or other platform via Alpaca, or a self-contained Alpaca device.

– Current unmodified Windows-resident devices (mounts, focusers, etc.) to be used by astronomy programs running on networked PCs, Macs, and mobile devices that use Alpaca for device communications.

You can learn more about ASCOM Alpaca for FocusLynx here. You can learn more about the ASCOM Alpaca platform here.

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