Astro-Physics Accessories

New Astro-Physics accessories are now available for owners of Astro-Physics telescopes and mounts. The good news is that several of these Astro-Physics accessories can also be used with non Astro-Physics equipment – meaning anyone can enjoy the Astro-Physics famed build quality and performance. Among the recently released accessories are:

Astro-Physics Accessories
Counterweight Shaft Adapter with Stainless Steel Inserts

Counterweight Shaft Adapters with Stainless Steel Inserts: Consider upgrading to Astro-Physics new adapters if you are portable and are concerned that you might cross-thread your counterweight shaft some night when you are tired. The new stainless steel inserts will lessen the likelihood. All of the Astro-Physics mounts presently in production already feature this adapter.

Handle with 6.3″ Spacing for 1/4-20 Threaded Holes: Ideal for the Astro-Physics Stowaway or 130 Refractor you can attach this handle to the top of your Stowaway or 130 GT/GTX scopes to move easily in and out of your mounting plate. It can also be used with Astro-Physics pier posts (you will need to drill the holes) or any other item that is awkward to carry.

13.8V, 15 Amp Power Supply for the North America: The new PS138V15A power supply is super-compact, weighs 1.5 lbs and works with AC input from 90 to 130 Volts – perfect for most of the mounts that the company has offered through the years.

7″ V-Style Light-weight Dovetail Accessory Saddle: Mounting accessories to your Stowaway or onto any mounting rings that have a center 1/4-20 hole on the top is a breeze with the new ACSD07.  Simply attach your desired accessory to one of Astro-Physics V-style dovetail bars, tilt the bar into the ACSD07 and lock it down. Note that your rings must be spaced 6.3 inches apart, so this is a perfect match for any scopes mounted on Astro-Physics SBV08 or SB0800 dovetail plates.

Picatinny Male Dovetail Base for Multi-Reticle Reflex Finders: The new PICQRM will allow you to attach a light-weight red-dot finder that has a Picatinny rail attachment – the popular Multi-Reticle Reflex Finder (MRRF). The PICQRM will slip easily into any of Astro-Physics current (QRBASEM) or previous versions (QRBASE, QRBASES) of their Quick Release Base. Although designed with the Stowaway in mind, the PICQRM is a great addition to any scope when a red-dot finder is desired.

You can learn more about the new Astro-Physics accessories here.

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