Atik Apx60 CMOS Camera

Late last year Atik Cameras announced the upcoming availability of the Atik Apx60 CMOS camera, the latest addition to Atik’s growing portfolio of CMOS sensor cameras. They have now announced the camera will be available later this year.

Atik Apx60 CMOS CameraAccording to Atik’s Amy Barton, “We can now confirm that production of the Apx60 is due to start in late summer. This small delay is due to an issue with securing some key component parts for the camera, which are necessary to uphold the essential build quality. The setback has been compounded by a need to provide additional research & development support for PCR instruments, used in the continued fight against COVID-19. Naturally, we apologise for the hold up on this highly anticipated camera, and hope that you understand the need to maintain the high standard for which Atik Cameras are known. If you have already placed an order for the Apx60, please contact us for individual updates.”

The Apx60 utilizes the Sony IMX455 full frame CMOS sensor that is revolutionizing amateur astronomy. The Monochrome sensor provides the ability to get the most detail out of your images and is combined with Atik’s premium electronics and build quality to help deliver images of an exceptional standard.

As well as being the latest addition to Atik’s growing portfolio of CMOS sensor cameras, the Apx60 is their most advanced CMOS camera to date. The IMX455 sensor is perfect for large format, wide field views with outstanding detail and breaks through the boundaries of the traditional expectations of a CMOS camera.

An excellent camera for deep sky imaging, the Atik Cameras Apx60 IMX455 CMOS camera sensor has 60 megapixels at 3.76 microns each and can be binned 2×2 for 7.5 micron pixels while maintaining 15 MP of resolution. It offers low read noise and efficient cooling allows for prolonged, continuous exposures.

In addition to offering some of the defining features of CCD astrophotography cameras in a CMOS form, the Apx60 also seamlessly integrates with Atik’s advanced software solutions. The Apx60 also comes with a built-in USB hub for streamlined cable management, high performance cooling, anti-condensation and anti-reflection optics, as well as in situ levelling for easy adjustment.

The Atik Apx60 specifications include:

– ADC: 16 bit

– Back Focus: 19.5 mm

– Camera Connection: Female M54x.75

– Color or Mono: Monochrome

– Cooled: Yes

– Delta:  T35C

– Dynamic Range: 14.1 Stops

– Full Well: 50ke

– Mega Pixels: 61.2 MP

– Peak QE: 87%

– Pixel Array: 9576 x 6388

– Pixel Size: 3.76 microns

– PS: 3 Microns or Smaller

– Read Noise: 3e

– Sensor Diagonal: 43.3 mm

– Sensor Type: CMOS

– Sensor: Sony IMX455

You can learn more about the Atik Apx60 CMOS camera here.

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