Avalon M-zero obs Telescope Mount

With the Avalon M-zero obs, Avalon Instruments has taken all the features of its M-zero line of innovative and portable mounts and created an even more portable and flexible version. The release of the Avalon M-zero obs comes on the heels of the recent release of the M-zero LHQ telescope mount specifically designed for use in low latitude areas down to 0 degrees.

Avalon M-zero obsThe new M-zero obs is the perfect solution for a backyard, personal, and customizable observatory. With the same M-zero tradition of smart and compact design, the M-zero obs comes with an overall dimension of 72 x 64 x 60 cm (28 x 25 x 23 in), making it possible to place a full complement of equipment in a small observatory. The mount has a payload capacity of 8 kg/17.6 lb. (single telescope setup) – 13 kg/28.6 lb. (double telescope setup).

Like all M-zero mounts, the M-zero obs comes with state of the art HQ stepper motors to achieve the best performance possible in tracking. The well-known M-zero reliability and versatility allow users to utilize the mount with many different configurations including a double telescope setup and the helpful No Meridian flip feature.

For single telescope use, owners can configure a setup that is suitable for a small customized observatory with option of the StarGo board assembly on the bottom side of the DEC arm, providing an “extra counterweight”. This provides the ability when using a small refractor to balance the mount without any counterweights. The telescope can track all night long, without the need of the Meridian Flip, without any collision risk.

Using the double telescope configuration, the mount can be optimized for portable setup or a stable backyard configuration. Thanks to the use of high quality materials such as anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the mount can be left outside for long periods of time by using a simple cover to prevent rain/humidity/weather damage.

The Avalon M-zero obs mount utilizes Avalon’s StarGO  Computerized GoTo Control System based on stepper motor technology. StarGo can manage both Alt-Azimuthal and Equatorial Mounts, including the M-zero, M-uno and Linear mounts (thanks to the programmable gear ratio and the special motor kit, it may be easily used with other brand mounts).

The StarGO Control Box can be embedded in the mount or in a separate control box. It has the ability to provide the smart interface between the internal motors and the external world. It performs all communication with specific components (Focuser, CCD rotator, DSRL camera, and other auxiliary devices) using direct connections or via wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability providing the flexibility to interact with intelligent devices such smartphones, tablets as well as Windows and Mac computers.

And with the optional Motorized Polar Alignment, Avalon M-zero obs users have full remote control. Once the setup has been done, it is possible to perform accurate remote Polar Alignment.

You can learn more here.

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