Buckeyestargazer Shop Sun Finder

The Buckeyestargazer Shop Sun Finder provides a convenient and safe way to locate the Sun in your properly filtered telescope. With the Sun Finder, you look away from the Sun (Never look directly at the Sun) as you point the finder toward the Sun. The Sun Finder uses pin-hole projection to show a small image of the Sun on the back of the finder, and a crosshair makes it easy to center the Sun on the target.

Buckeyestargazer Shop Sun FinderThe Buckeyestargazer Shop Sun Finder can be mounted on most telescopes using an included attachment which can be chosen at time of order. For example, the finder can be mounted in a Synta style finder shoe or on a Losmandy dovetail bar.

Available Buckeyestargazer Shop Sun Finder attachments include:

– LSaddle; Losmandy saddle that allows mounting to Losmandy/”D” rails

– VSaddle; V-type saddle that allows mounting to a V-bar/rail

– VBar; V-type bar that slips into a V-type clamp

– ADM-MDS-Saddle; ADM MDS saddle that clamps to a MDS style bar

– ArcaSwiss-Saddle; Arca-Swiss saddle that allows for mounting to an Arca-Swiss rail

– ArcaSwiss-Bar; Arca-Swiss bar that slips into an Arca-Swiss clamp

– Synta-Bar-20mm; Synta/Vixen bar that slips into a Synta finder base

– Synta-Bar-50mm; Synta/Vixen bar that slips into a Synta finder base

Buckeyestargazer Shop has also announced other new accessories including:

Camera Cable Organizer Rings

The Camera Cable Organizer Rings keep cables nice and tidy on your round format cameras. The cable organizer has two 6.5mm clips and two 4.5mm clips, one each on each side, as well as two thinner channels for ribbon type cables. The ring slips around the body of the camera and is held in place by pressure, thanks to a flexible design.

The following Camera Cable Organizer Rings are available:

– Cable-Ring-77mm: Fits cameras that are 77mm in diameter including QHY’s 163M/C, 183M/C, 174, 178, 290, 224 and 550M/C.

– Cable-Ring-78mm: Fits cameras that are 78mm in diameter including the ZWO ASI1600MM/MC-Pro; ASI533MC-Pro;, ASI183MM/MC-Pro and ASI294MM/MC-Pro .

– Cable-Ring-86mm: Fits cameras that are 86mm in diameter including the ZWO ASI071MC-Pro.

– Cable-Ring-90mm: Fits cameras that are 90mm in diameter including the ZWO ASI2600MC/MM-Pro; ASI6200MC/MM-Pro; ASI2400MC-Pro; and QHY’s 600L/PH-M/C, 294M/C, 367C, 128C, 247C, 268M/C, 410C, and 168C.


The QHY OAG-S/M/L EAF bracket supports automatic focusing of the OAG helical focuser. The bracket, printed in carbon fiber PETG filament for added strength, allows you to mount a ZWO EAF focus motor on your QHY OAG-S/M/L with helical focuser. Installation instructions are provided on the website.

You can learn more about these new Buckeyestargazer Shop Sun Finder and other accessories here.

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