CFF Telescopes Limited Edition Binoscopes

CFF Telescopes has announced that it will produce a limited edition binoscope based on its 135mm f6.7 Triplet Refractor design.

The CFF Telescopes binoscopes are built around two of these optical tube assemblies and shortened to accommodate a 3-inch fusion image system. By using the maximum practical aperture for the focusers and an EMS system (Erecting Mirror System invented by Tatsuro Matsumoto of Japan), the bino’s will allow using 2-inch eyepieces without any vignetting of the light cone.

They will have the practical light gathering power of a 190-mm unobstructed objective while the use of both eyes in a natural way increases perceived resolution.

There will be 7 custom binoscopes produced. The price is 13,990 Euro, which includes a 23% VAT. The none Vat price is 11,374 Euro.

Features include:

– Core glass used – S-FPL53

– Clear aperture – 135 mm

– Focal length – 910 mm

– Focal ratio – 6.7

– Light gathering capability equivalence – 190 mm aperture

– Weight – 21 kg, as delivered

Optical Quality

– Bino minimum length –  850 mm

– Bino maximum length – 1000 mm

– Back-focus distance with EMS – ~55 mm

– Back-focus distance without EMS – ~250 mm

The scope package includes:

– EMS-UXL system

– CNC made ring type holder with central handle

– Lightweight Losmandy Dovetail

– 3.2″ Starlight Feather Touch focuser

– Handle

– Dew shield end cap

– Dust end cap for EMS

– Finder bracket shoe

Created in 2008, CFF telescopes delivers custom, high-quality telescopes designed and made exclusively in Europe. The name of the brand stands for ‘Coma Free Field’ Telescopes, which is what the company offers in Apochromatic Refractor, Ritchey-Chrétien or Classic Cassegrain telescopes.

The mechanical elements of all telescopes are made in Poland, designed by Cătălin Fus – company founder and mechanical designer.

Oil-spaced refractor optics are made in Hungary, designed, assembled by Pal Gyulai (formerly GPU Optical).

Reflector optics are made in Romania, designed and thoroughly verified by Octavian Stănescu, a mirror maker with more than 20 years’ experience and dedication.

All the glass used in the company’s lenses or mirror substrates are high-quality, from producers such as Schott, Ohara, Corning and CDGM.

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