Code Obsession Plugins for FITS, PixInsight and SBIG

Code Obsession Plugins are available as FITS, XISF (PixInsight) and SBIG image plugins for the Acorn image editing software.

Code Obsession PluginsCode Obsession is the publisher of the Observatory software program which is a full-featured Mac application (Observatory requires macOS 10.11+) for collecting and curating astronomical images. Whether a user is a professional astronomer, an advanced amateur or a student, Observatory helps discover, organize, process and analyze astronomical images.

The new Code Obsession plugins provide access to Acorn’s powerful image editor for macOS that supports nondestructive levels, curves and filters, layer masks, batch editing and many tools that work on pixels, text and shapes. It supports images with 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. Because it is not sold as a subscription, it is a cost-effective solution for post-processing astronomical images. Users can calibrate, align and stack images in Observatory, export as 32 bits FITS, open in Acorn and start post-processing.

After installing the plugins, users can open FITS, XISF and SBIG images with Acorn as easy as a JPEG or TIFF. The plugins are free, but you need Observatory and Acorn to use them.


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