Counterweight Bar Accessory Mount

The CBAM is a Counterweight Bar Accessory Mount for GEM Mounts from Scopestuff that offers an aluminum block that clamps on the counterweight bar on GEM mounts that have 18mm or 20mm diameter bars, to provide mounting points for a variety of accessories.

Counterweight Bar Accessory MountThe biggest benefit of mounting accessories on the counterweight bar is to save weight when dressing out your setup with accessories. When you add an accessory on the top of the mount, you often have to add weight to balance the RA axis. That weight is can be a big enemy for proper balance.

A wobbly scope is not a functioning scope and adding accessories to the setup (with the corresponding counterweights) can increases the unsteadiness. The CBAM counterweight bar accessory mount distributes your accessories safely.

It may even the decrease total weight. If you have to add weights on the top side of your rig to balance a scope in declination, instead you can move some balance weight off-axis and fix the balance without having to add more weights on top.

The CBAM offers a basic mounting block with the clamp screw and Allen wrench. A number of stainless steel hardware accessories are available to increase the functionality of the CBAM.

You can learn more about the Scopestuff CBAM Counterweight Bar Accessory Mount for GEM Mounts here.

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