Daystar 60mm Solar Scout

Daystar 60mm Solar TelescopeThe Daystar 60mm Solar Scout telescope has proven to be very popular. So popular that amateur astronomers are having to react quickly to get their hands on one.

These hi-performing narrow, ‘doublestack’ bandpass H alpha solar telescopes are priced at $795US, making them an extreme value as a way to get into solar observing.

The base Daystar 60mm Solar Scout Telescope package offers:

– Achromat Doublet 60mm refractor

– Prominence or Chromosphere model no extra cost

– Carbon Fiber Optical Tube

– Interchangable Quark can be moved to other instruments for different magnifications

– Swap filter(s) for different bandpass views

– Helical Front-end Focus with fine precision can focus for visual and imaging

– Micro-USB power cable and US wall charger

Daystar 60mm Solar Telescope– Solar Bullet finder projects safely onto white screen.

– Vixen/Photo style mounting foot

– 930mm Effective Focal Length

– 16mm eyepiece aperture.

– Adaptable for 2″ or Camera mount/views

– Always on-band with USB power, 5v 1.5amp

– 110-240VAC wall adapter (Optional 24mAh battery available)

– Tuning knob allows wing shifting +/- 0.5Å

– LED indicator for power, warming, ready, fault

– 5 year warranty

You can learn more about the Daystar 60mm Solar Scout and other Daystar solar products here.

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