Desiccant Caps for Telescopes

New desiccant caps for telescopes are just a few of the new items that the Buckeyestargazer Shop offers the amateur astronomy community. The company is a relatively new resource for “simple and practical” amateur astronomy accessories.

Joel Short, an astroimaging enthusiast located in Northern Indiana, opened the small to make available items he has developed to offer affordable and uncomplicated accessories. As Short commented, “These are simple and practical items that I have found to be essential for the home astrophotographer.”

Joel had announced several new items including:

New Desiccant Caps: He has expanded his line of desiccant caps to include large Meade and Celestron SCTs. They attach directly to the large SCT threads on the scope (3.25″ or 3.28″). Other desiccant caps are also available (2″ and 1.25″ focuser inserts, Feather Touch desiccant end caps, standard SCT desiccant caps (2″-24tpi).  On request he can also make a desiccant cap with any threading you specify.

Desiccant Caps Camera Bubble Levels: He has converted his line of camera bubble levels over to dual (0deg and 90deg) levels. If you don’t have an automatic rotator, these bubble levels will help you orient your camera to either 0 or 90 degrees rotation.  They are available for a variety of ZWO and QHY cameras.

Filter Centering Masks: In addition to the 50mm and 36mm filter masks that he makes for ZWO and QHY CFW3 filter wheels, he now makes 31mm masks for ZWO filter wheels, and 50mm and 36mm masks for QHY CFW2 filter wheels.

Eyepiece Tray/Tripod Spreader Bubble Levels: In response to customer requests he is now making these small bubble levels that attach to an available 2″ or 1.25″ slot on your tray or tripod spreader bar.

RASA 8 Cable Router: This Cable Router positions the cables in a circular pattern and will eliminate diffraction spikes in your images.  Available for cameras approximately 77mm or 90mm in diameter  (ASI1600/QHY163 and ASI2600/QHY268 for example).

Joel also specializes in 2 or 4 channel dew controllers in a variety of configurations in several colors. The controllers feature both PowerPole and 5.5/2.1mm power inputs that are fused at 10A and includes a 12v auto power supply.

Features include:

– PowerPole input jack

– 5.5mm/2.1mm center positive input jack (Power jacks are input/output, so when power is supplied to one input, the other acts as a 12v output)

– Each port can supply up to 5A

– Controller and power supply are fused at 10A

– Gold plated RCA jacks

– PWM (pulse width modulation) control circuit

– Overcurrent protection

– Stainless steel hardware

– PLA 3D Filament

Simple scope accessory plates are also available. These accessory plates are strong enough to hold all accessories such as dew controllers, USB hubs, mini-computers, and focuser controllers. They are available in custom sizes and are lighter than traditional aluminum plates. The maximum size that can be ordered is 240mm x 200mm. Purchasers can simply state the desired size and hole pattern in the shopping cart at the time of purchase.

You can learn more about the Buckeyestargazer Shop here.

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