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With the holidays fast approaching we are always on the lookout for fun and different gift options to share with our readers. Typically these are astronomy related but sometimes we find other cool stuff from astronomy companies. And the Explore One V8 Model Engine and the Bresser See-It Scope HD from Explore Scientific fit the bill.

Explore One V8 Model Engine

Explore ScientificEmerging engineers can get a great introduction to the wonders of mechanical engineering with the Explore One V8 Model Engine from Explore Science. Kids will learn how engines work — including the 4-stroke cycle — as they build a model version of a V8 combustion engine complete with vroom vroom sounds. Designed to inspire scientific curiosity, this engaging kit includes more than 270 pieces as well as a step-by-step instruction manual.

Explore One V8 Model Engine offers the following for kids and the kid in all of us:

– Engineer your own V8 combustion engine

– Hands-on experience of how the real engine works

– STEM Learning about 4-stroke cycle

– Discover a real classical engine step-by-step

– Over 270 pieces

Bresser See-It Scope HD

Explore ScientificWhether you’re in the garage, the office or at home, the Bresser See-It Scope can give you the access and illumination you need to peer into hard-to-access spaces. The optical element is surrounded by LED lights and mounted on a flexible coil that will allow you to look over, under, in and around. The coil is easy to guide into small spaces and connects to a 2.31” LCD screen that provides clear color views.

The Bresser See-It Scope HD features include:

– Video camera mounted on a 27″ flexible coil lets you peer over, under and around obstacles and into small spaces.

– Bright LED light helps you explore in low-light or no-light conditions.

– 2.31″ LCD screen is large enough for multiple people to view the action at the same time.

You can learn more about these neat gifts and Explore Scientific’s full line of astronomy products here.

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