Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent

With 50 square feet of total space, and five-foot high walls matched with six-foot high wind break walls of the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent, you can set up your computer gear in one room with the telescope in the other, or set up two complete telescope systems. Each room is 60-inches by 60-inches square.

Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory TentIn addition to being easy to set up and take down, another advantage of the pop-up design is that it is travel-friendly due to being lightweight and easy to store, folding down to 27-inch disk that is only 4 inches thick. This allows transport in a small car, or even transport on an aircraft for remote expeditions. And besides going to your favorite dark-sky site, portable observatory tents are usually the go-to choice for astronomers and astrophotographers attending star party events.

The black-out coated fabric is waterproof and offers UV protection, which means that the tent will last.

The large 42-inch high by 36-inch wide doors for entering the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent and for passing through the connected rooms are generous-sized for an easy entrance and for passing through your equipment. These doors roll down to keep moisture out and their heavy-duty zippers will last for years.

The large, oversize cover allows you to protect your gear from the hot sun during the day, and from dew or the surprise rain shower with its coated, water-resistant material. Add a groundcloth tarp from your local hardware store to give even greater protection from the elements, and from insects.

The Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent comes complete with cords and pegs to stake down the tent. The structure also has additional hoops for using heavy duty straps that can be purchased at local hardware stores.

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