FLT156 Triplet APO Refractor from William Optics

The FLT156 Triplet APO Refractor from William Optics is a versatile visual and imaging telescope offering a 3-element, apochromatic optical path providing superior color correction. The optics use of FPL-53 and Lanthanum glass for aberration correction.

FLT156 Triplet APO RefractorWith a 156mm aperture and 1217mm focal length, the telescope provides an excellent field of view perfect for astroimaging. The body of the OTA is CNC machined offering a powder white finish with anodized blue accents.

The FLT156 Triplet APO Refractor incorporates William Optics’ unique integrated Bahtinov mask and the CNC machined and blue anodized handle-bar are designed to work with the William Optic UniGuide Scope and other accessories with a Vixen type finder base. The scope also comes with a Losmandy dovetail plate and rings for a snug fit when connected to a mount.

A soft carry case is also included to protect the scope when traveling and ensure safe storage. The William Optics FLT156 includes a powerful 3.5″ Starlight Feather Touch rack and pinion focuser and Roto-Lock adapter as well as smooth knobs to reduce image shifting

William Optics’ patented handle design allows users to slide their compatible slide-base guide rings directly onto the handle. The handle will also accept the William Optics UniGuide 50mm Slide-Base Guide Scope.

A Bahtinov mask is a must-have for every astrophotographer. This mask attaches to the front of the scope’s objective lens to show how to precisely focus a telescope. The Bahtinov mask consists of three separate grids that produce three angled diffraction spikes when the telescope is pointed at a bright star. As the focus changes, the spikes appear to move so the observer can determine if they must increase or decrease focus.

William Optics takes the Bahtinov mask to another level with the FLT156. As with many other William Optics scopes, their patented Bahtinov mask cover is purpose built to integrate perfectly with the FLT156.

The William Optics innovative RotoLock Adapter means that you don’t need compression rings. The RotoLock Adapter works by inserting a 2″ accessory and rotating clockwise to lock it in and counterclockwise to release it. The process only takes a few seconds and you know when the when the RotoLock Visual Back is opened or closed via internal ball bearings which present an audible click. This allows for easy operation in low visibility. The adapter offers a ribbed exterior which ensures a firm grip.

The William Optics FLT156 Triplet APO Refractor specifications include:

– Telescope Series: William Optics FLT

– Telescope Optical Design: Refractor

– Refractor Design: Apochromat (APO)

– Number of Refractor Elements: 3

– Telescope Aperture: 6.14″ (156 mm)

– Telescope Focal Ratio: f/7.8

– Telescope Focal Length: 1217 mm

– Optical Coatings: Fully multi-coated

– Image Circle: > Full Frame

– Includes Telescope Case: Yes

– Focuser Style: Starlight Feather Touch

– OTA Length – Extended: 52.36″ (1330 mm)

– OTA Length – Retracted: 44.09″ (1120 mm)

– OTA Weight: 37.4 lb.

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