Focusing on Astronomy YouTube Event

“Focusing on Astronomy” will be the headliner for Woodland Hills Telescope and Binoculars’ live video stream event on YouTube Saturday August 29 2020. Starting at 12:00pm PST, it is the latest edition of the company’s ongoing live stream series.

Focusing on Astronomy
Chuck Ayoub

The live presentation will include Chuck Ayoub from Chucks Astrophotography who will be kicking things off with how to best use your equipment for imaging. Wayne Schroeder from Starlight Instruments explains why your focuser may not be as good as it claims. Finally Greg Marshall from Wa-Chur-Ed observatory will be explaining cable management and why its so important.

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Here is more about the presenters:

Focusing on Astronomy
Wayne Schroeder

Chuck Ayoub: A retired IT and Internet advertising professional who has always loved the stars, Chuck Ayoub of Chuck’s

Astrophotography is an avid astrophotographer who shoots incredible deep-sky images from his backyard in Detroit, Michigan. Using his astrophotography rigs and his arsenal of narrowband filters and processing techniques, Chuck collects the ancient light cutting through the city of Detroit’s light pollution of nebulae and galaxies that leave us inspired to look up and explore, proving that you can be a highly productive astrophotographer from almost anywhere.

Wayne Schroeder: Wayne is the Operations Manager for Starlight Instruments and has been with Starlight since 2009. Previously be

Greg Marshall

worked in the auto industry for over 21 years. NEAF is  his most favorite event as he gets to talk astronomy to up to 1000 people in a 2 day period.

Greg Marshall: Greg is an engineer with over 40 years experience in designing digital electronics, specializing in image capture and processing.  Since retiring from Xerox in 2010 he has been developing products specifically for astronomy and astrophotography.  He began doing astrophotography in 2005 and now spends whatever free time he has capturing and processing deep-space photos, primarily using narrowband filters.  He is a member of the Rose City Astronomers (RCA) in Portland, OR, and leads RCA’s astro-imaging special interest group.  His current astro gear includes a Paramount MyT, William Optics FLT-132, and ASI1600MM with Astrodon filters.

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