IDAS NBX Nebula Filter

The IDAS NBX Nebula Filter is a dual band filter that excels with nebula photography using fast optics, like the Celestron RASA. The NBX is a dual filter which specifically focuses on OIII and H-alpha lines and, like the existing IDAS (Astro Hutech) nebula filters, the new NBX is of impeccable quality and workmanship. The filters are available in 52mm and 48mm sizes.

IDAS NBX Nebula FilterThe IGAD (Ion-Gun Assist Deposition) coating technology which has been specially applied to NBX filters was originally developed for optical communication, where long-term stability (> 25 years) is required in rough field conditions. Ultra-Fine Polish (UFP) finishing is an integral part of IDAS filters. They are polished twice as long as is typical for optical glass. In combination with the use of high-quality substrate glass, no scratches, bubbles, or other defects are visible even under microscopic inspection.

This filter has ideal flat-top bandpass, as well as in-band transmission. The off-center bandpass accommodates off-axis rays for fast optics (up to f/2). The steep bandpass edges help to minimize internal reflections. It is able to fully block NIR up to 1200nm.

This leads to ultra-high performing filters with robust coatings and durable spectral stability – even at extreme temperatures and humidity levels. This stability is especially important for bandpass curves with steep sides, such as H-alpha, LPS filters and other narrow band filters. Filters with IGAD coatings almost completely eliminate bandpass shifts of +/- 3 or 4nm, which are typical with standard filters.

The IDAS NBX filter realizes its full potential when used with very fast optical systems and astrographs, such as a Celestron RASA, especially fast Newtonian reflectors with f-numbers between f/2 and f/4 and special devices, such as the Officina Stellare Veloce RH 200 Mark II-AT (Riccardi-Honders).

Utilizing the IDAS NBX Nebula Filter dramatically increases the contrast within emission nebulae, which predominantly consist of oxygen (OIII) or hydrogen compounds (H-alpha). Additionally, longer exposure times are no longer required, predominantly due to the use extremely fast optics, but also due to the NBX filter’s special contrast effects. The filter is ideal for use with one shot color cameras and monochromatic CMOS cameras. An IR blocking filter is then no longer required. Additionally, the NBX is parfocal with other IDAS LPS nebula filters.

You can learn more about the IDAS NBX Nebula Filter here.

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