Lunt Solar Refurbished Telescopes

Lunt Solar refurbished telescopes are a great way to add a Solar Telescope or Double Stack filter, at a discounted price. You have full confidence that the products are backed by Lunt with a 30 day no worry return policy (less shipping) and a full 5 year warranty.

Sharpstar 94EDPHUsed telescope gear sounds great. You get a big discount off of new pricing so that you can spend your hard earned money on more astro gear! And there are plenty of places to buy used astronomy equipment from individual owners including places like eBay and Astromart.

The challenge is that, even with an owner’s best intentions, you just don’t know how well that used equipment will perform. A good compromise, which will allow you to get the great pricing of used equipment with the comfort that it will perform as it should, is to buy used equipment from an astronomy retailer.

Many retailers have trade in programs that allow people to trade in equipment for something new. These retailers take in an item as trade, and to sell that item, they have to make sure the equipment works as it should. And in addition to used equipment, many dealers also have open box or demo items that are discounted at amounts that are close to or equal to that of used equipment, some with a full warranty.

And if you are interested in adding a Solar Telescope or add a Double Stack filter, this is a great opportunity! Here are some of the products available.

– LS50C for Lunt LS50THa Telescope $679.20

– Front Mount 50mm Double Stack Solar Filter – Fits 60mm Telescopes (several available!) $798.0

– Lunt 50mm Solar Telescope with 4mm Blocking Filter (several available!) $639.20

– Lunt 60mm Tilt Tuned Solar Telescope with B600 Blocking $1,036.00

– Lunt LS60THa Solar Telescope Pressure Tuned with B600 Blocking Filter $1,196.00

– Lunt LS60THa Solar Telescope Pressure Tuned with B1200 Blocking Filter $1,036.00

Also, we recently posted a large list of a wide variety of used and refurbished astronomy products. You can check it out here.

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