McDonald Observatory Solar Presentation

The McDonald Observatory recently held a YouTube Solar presentation on June 16, 2021 showing live images of the Sun with specially filtered telescopes and cameras. During the presentation they discussed sunspots, prominences, solar flares, and other solar related topics. June 20th marked the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so they also discussed solstices in detail.

Technical specifications about the equipment used include:

– Telescopes: 6-inch F/15 Astrophysics, 76mm F/6.3 Tele Vue, 60mm F/8.3 Lunt

– Mount: Paramount ME

– Cameras: PGR (Point Grey Research) Flea3 2MP 8.5mm x 6.8mm chips, resolution: 1624 x 1224

– Filters: Baader Herschel Wedge, Daystar QuantumSE 0.7Å, Lunt 60mm, pressure-tuned with 12mm blocking filter

You can see the full McDonald Observatory Solar presentation below.

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