Meet Star Gazers App

The Meet Star Gazers app is an application that is dedicated to supporting astronomy clubs and other organizations involved with astronomy outreach. The app is designed to help astronomy clubs, associations and observatories forge a stronger bond with their members and increase their outreach efforts through a solution that they can use out of the box. It includes the ability to help organize stargazing events and star parties.

Meet Star Gazers AppIn its latest release, the Meet Star Gazers app now consolidates and characterizes the best locations for stargazing. The Version 2.0.6 release of the app offers the following features to support this functionality:

–  Each stargazing location is characterized by the quality of its night sky, accessibility by car, possibility to park and availability of electric current.

–  Weather forecast for 7 days from Meteoblue (Meteoblue is a global benchmark in precision weather data).

– Cloud cover in visual format for 6 days powered by Meteoblue.

– A light pollution map created by the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute.

– Lunar and Solar ephemerides for a month.

The Meet Star Gazers app can be used everywhere you go. Those users who live in sparsely populated regions, will find the app to be a complementary tool to find others passionate about astronomy in their region and organize star parties together.

At the heart of the Meet Star Gazers app is an interactive map of stargazing events planned all over the world. With a simple click, you have access to information about the exact location of the event. You can also launch an itinerary with Waze and Google Maps that offer cloud cover and seeing information in real time.

The Meet Star Gazers app also simplifies the process of sharing observation logs by integrating a module to note, share and save observation logs for all participants of each stargazing session or star party. Meet Star Gazers also comes with a real time messenger built into the application. Each stargazing session will have a specific real time messaging channel that makes it easy to organize and discuss information with the other participants of star parties.

The app also supplies reliable information about weather conditions relevant to astronomy.

The app is available for iOS and Android. You can learn more here.

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