nPAE 6061 Telescope Eyepiece Turret

The nPAE 6061 Telescope Eyepiece Turret is nPAE’s mid-range eyepiece turret. Set up your eyepieces, cameras, spectrometers, etc. when you first start your nights’ viewings then all you need to do is spin the turret and you can quickly switch between them.

nPAE 6061 Telescope Eyepiece Turret The company has announced it has upgraded its proprietary Maia “Grip” locks for the 6061 Turret. With the bright red grip finish these locks will securely hold even the largest eyepieces or binoscope eyepiece combinations. Maia “Grip” Locks are parfocal so all your views remain in the same focal plane. No need to fumble around with the focuser in the dark. The new upgraded “Grip” Locks are offered in a limited edition which are only available on the current production batch.

Designed with those in mind who like to demonstrate astronomy to groups, universities and back garden observers, the nPAE 6061 Telescope Eyepiece Turret is like a filter wheel but for eyepieces making changing to a different magnification, camera or other optical accessory simpler and quicker.

Cut using 5-axis CNC milling from solid blocks of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum this turret will hold 3 x 1.25″ eyepieces and 3 x 2″ eyepieces using the nPAE designed and built parfocal Maia locks. The 1/10th wave (before coating) mirror diagonal ensures great optical performance.

With a slot at the nose for a single 2-inch filter you can apply the filter to all your accessories and if you need to switch it out during the night you need only lift it free and replace it. The nPAE 6061 Telescope Eyepiece Turret comes with 3 filter holders and additional holders are available. It also comes with 2 aluminum dust caps to keep light at bay when you don’t fully populate the turret. The turret is shipped inside a sturdy Cerberus carry case to aid in your transportation.

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