nPAE Theia Astro Imaging Filter Changer

The nPAE Theia Astro Imaging Filter Changer offers a magnetic alternative to changing your astro imaging filters. Simply load your imaging filters in advance into the quick change filter holders and you can rapidly swap from one to the other.

nPAE Theia Astro Imaging Filter ChangerUsing high power magnets to hold the imaging filters in place, you can meridian flip the telescope and not drop the imaging filters. When you want to change you simply pull the imaging filter out and replace it.

Thinner than a filter wheel, the nPAE Theia Astro Imaging Filter Changer is an inline holder that won’t add off-axis weight to your setup. It has a light baffled 2 inch nose and a 2 inch accessory socket, fixed by thumb screws, which is long enough to set accessories for the correct back focus position.

The filter changer is supplied with 3 filter holders. Shipped in a tough nPAE mini Cerberus case there is room inside for a selection of pre-loaded filters. Additional holders can be purchased separately. The filter changer system is also available as a built in component as part of the nPAE Theia 90 1/10th Wave Telescope Star Diagonal.

You can learn more about the nPAE Theia Astro Imaging Filter Changer here.

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