Orion BT-100 GiantView Binoculars Finder Shoe

As always, if there is an accessory you need ScopeStuff probably has it. And if there is one you think you need and can’t find, ScopeStuff will probably start making it! Such is the case with ScopeStuff’s Orion BT-100 GiantView Binoculars Finder Shoe.

As Jim Henson with ScopeStuff notes, “Orion did a great job with the BT-100 GiantView binos, apparently including a finder mounting location on the handle. But the screw size and pattern is odd and they don’t offer anything to go there. When JJ called about mounting a finder there, we figured out a pretty good solution!”

ScopeStuff’s Orion BT-100 GiantView Binoculars Finder Shoe is a finder shoe that attaches to the handle with the supplied stainless steel screws and accepts finders that have the standard Orion/Synta/Vixen type dovetail finder foot. An Allen hex wench is included for installation.

Shown is the finder shoe with ScopeStuff’s red-dot reflex finder with adjustable brightness and aiming controls.

And if you don’t own one yet, Orion Telescopes and Binoculars has taken binocular telescopes to the next level with  its GiantView BT binocular telescope series. Offered as a BT-70 45-degreeBT-82 45 degree, and the BT-100 ED 90-degree configuration, these instruments offer an immersive deep sky experience allowing both eyes at the eyepiece.

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