Orion DualBeam Astro Lantern

Orion DualBeam Astro Lantern

Orion DualBeam Astro LanternThe multi-purpose Orion DualBeam Astro Lantern will illuminate your observing site in red LED light to help maintain dark-adapted vision while stargazing. The Orion DualBeam can also emit white light for brighter illumination when it’s time to pack up your astronomy gear, or when you need extra light in the garage, around the house, or on camping trips. Two magnetic clips are included for hands-free installation on telescope tubes, car hoods, and other metal surfaces.

Thanks to waterproof and dustproof construction, the DualBeam Astro Lantern can be used in any weather. Whenever you need light, whether you’re stargazing in a dusty dark-sky site or setting up a tent in a rainy campsite, the rugged Orion DualBeam 2600mAH LED Waterproof Astro Lantern is the ideal choice.

By clicking the power button, you can cycle though different illumination settings depending on your needs. Red light settings include 5-, 10-, 50- and 100-percent brightness. White-light settings include 10- and 100-percent brightness. When you no longer need light, simply press and hold the power button for approximately three seconds to turn off the Astro Lantern. You can turn off the Astro Lantern in any color and brightness setting by pressing and holding the power button – there’s no need to cycle through all optional settings. A helpful blue LED indicator light lets you know how much power is remaining, so you know when a recharge is needed.

On top of providing either red or white light, this versatile device also features a 2600mAH (milliamp-hour) power-bank function, which can be used to recharge mobile phones in emergencies. A Micro USB-to-USB cable is included. The Orion DualBeam 2600mAH LED Waterproof Astro Lantern includes two magnetic clips, carabiner clip, and wrist lanyard. It is priced at $24.99US. For more information, click here.

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