Orion LHD 80-Degree Lanthanum Ultra-Wide Eyepieces

LHD 80-Degree Lanthanum Ultra-Wide Eyepieces

Orion LHD 80-Degree Lanthanum Ultra-Wide EyepiecesWith their ultra-wide 80-degree field of view and true-color lanthanum optics, Orion LHD 80-Degree Lanthanum Ultra-Wide eyepieces are sure to impress even the most demanding amateur astronomers.

Each Orion LHD telescope eyepiece features an element of lanthanum glass, which eliminates color-fringing and chromatic aberrations for true-color, high-contrast views of the cosmos with exceptional clarity. The luxuriously wide 80-degree apparent field of view provides an almost panoramic viewing experience you must experience first-hand to fully appreciate. Views of everything from the Moon and planets to elusive deep-sky objects are delightfully clean and impressively immersive in fully multi-coated LHD Ultra-Wide Eyepieces.

Higher-power 4-mm, 6-mm and 9-mm LHD eyepieces feature a tapered 1.25-inch barrel, while the 14-mm and 20-mm LHD oculars feature a larger 2-inch tapered barrel for secure installation in appropriately sized telescope focusers. All LHD telescope eyepiece barrels are threaded for use with like-sized Orion filters.

Each LHD eyepiece boasts a very long 20-mm eye relief and a larger, 30-mm-diameter eye lens so you can comfortably see the entire 80-degree field while wearing eyeglasses.

Each Orion LHD 80-Degree Lanthanum Ultra-Wide Eyepiece focal length is priced at $279.99US. For more information, click here.

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