Orion ShortTube 80 EQ

The Orion ShortTube 80 EQ offers a multi-coated 80mm (3.1″) achromatic doublet lens with a short focal length of 400mm (f/5), which provides bright, crisp, wide-field views of star fields and deep-space objects. Aim it at the Moon and you’ll enjoy surface detail that floods the field of view.

Orion ShortTube 80 EQThe 15.5″ enameled aluminum tube is equipped with an aluminum rack-and-pinion focuser. T-threads on the focuser’s drawtube collar allow direct attachment of a DSLR camera (with proper T-ring, sold separately) for prime-focus astrophotography.

Tracking celestial objects while viewing them in the Orion ShortTube 80 telescope is a cinch with the smooth, stable EQ-1 equatorial mount and tripod. The mount is equipped with dual slow motion controls for easy manual tracking of objects as they move across the night sky. Or, you can add an optional DC electronic drive for convenient motorized tracking. The tripod has extendable channel-style legs and a large accessory tray to keep your extra eyepieces or your cup of coffee at the ready.

The ShortTube 80 EQ comes with a 8x4n0 finder scope, 90° mirror star diagonal (1.25″), and 10mm (40x) and 25mm (16x) Sirius Plossl eyepieces. Also included are two great observing references created by Orion: the DeepMap 600 folding star chart and our MoonMap 260.

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