Orion StarShoot G26

The Orion StarShoot G26 is the largest CMOS camera the company has offered to date. Built around the Sony IMX571 CMOS chip, the Orion StarShoot G26 APS-C Color Imaging Camera offers a 28.3mm diagonal (APS-C format) sensor, with 3.76 micron pixels, 80% QE, and a full resolution topping out at a large 6224×4168 pixels.

Orion StarShoot G26The IMX571 CMOS chip is a native 16-bit sensor with a full well capacity of 51ke- which produces an incredible dynamic range in your images, with smooth transitions in brightness and amazing contrast with zero amp glow. Because of this and the low level of noise present in the chip, you may even decide to skip shooting those dark calibration frames.

The APS-C format chip in the Orion StarShoot G26 provides an even bigger field of view compared with the smaller 4/3″ format chips in Orion’s G10, G16, and G21 lines, providing more opportunities for the perfect image composition in your photographs. With 26 million pixels at 3.76 microns each, there is an incredible amount of resolution inherent in this camera, both for deep-sky and solar system imaging.

The StarShoot 26mp APS-C features a two-stage regulated thermo-electric cooler with fan, capable of reaching ~35° C below ambient temperature. A dew heater built into the front window protects against dew forming at such low temperatures. The USB 3.0 interface provides exceptionally fast frame rates and download speeds. Power for the camera electronics comes from the USB 3.0 port and the TE cooler is powered by an included AC adapter, though any 12v 3amp external battery source will work as well.

A standard T-thread is cut into the front opening of the camera, and with the included 2″ nozzle, you can attach the G26 camera to most all telescope configurations, including coma correctors, flatteners, and off-axis guiders. With a built in two-port USB 2.0 hub, your guide camera and other USB accessories can be wired directly to the G26, which means you’ll only have the one USB cable running to your laptop, eliminating many extraneous wires draping from the telescope to the computer.

Compatible with Win 7/8/10, the camera includes a hard case, along with free control and image acquisition software. The Orion StarShoot G26 is ASCOM compatible, meaning you can use most dedicated astro-imaging software on the market to unlock the full potential of the new StarShoot G26 APS-C Color Imaging Camera.

Specifications include:

– Imaging sensor: Sony IMX571

– Imaging sensor size: 28.3mm diagonal

– Pixel array: 6224 x 4168 (25,941,632 total)

– Pixel size: 3.76 x 3.76

– Imaging chip: Single Shot Color

– Video frame rate: Up to 3.4 fps at 16-bit, faster when sub-framed

– Autoguider capability: No

– Exposure range: 0.1ms – 3600s

– A/D conversion: 16 bit

– Thermoelectric cooling: Yes

– IR filter: Yes

– Mounting: 2″ nozzle or T-thread

– USB connection: High-speed USB 3.0

– Software compatibility: Windows 7/8/10

– Full well capacity: 51000e-

– Read noise (RMS): 2.6- 1.14e-

– Gain: Adjustable

– Binning: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3

– Max cooling: -35C from ambient

– Backfocus distance (from T-threads): 17.50mm

– Weight: 20oz

You can learn more about the Orion StarShoot G26 here.

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