Orion U-Mount and Paragon Plus XHD

The Orion U-Mount and Paragon Plus XHD package offers a solid platform for your large binoculars. No matter where the binocular is pointed, the U-Mount always keeps the equipment balanced, yielding incredibly stable views. The swept-back side arms allow equipment to point at any angle from just below the horizon to all the way up to 90-degree elevation, as well as full 360-degree azimuth rotation.

Orion U-Mount and Paragon Plus XHD In addition to facilitating the use of large binoculars, the mount can also be used with small telescopes utilizing the standard Vixen dovetail rails. Orion includes a 1/4″-20 adapter so binoculars and spotting scopes which use the standard tripod mounting socket on the bottom will also attach.

The Orion U-Mount is made of solid aluminum and provides smooth motion in both altitude (up/down) and azimuth (left/right) axes, thanks to the low friction bearing surfaces. Tension can be adjusted in both axes affording functionality while still holding an incredible amount of weight.

The mount will hold Orion’s biggest binoculars such as the Orion BT-100 and other large astronomical binoculars. The U-Mount and Paragon Plus XHD Tripod can hold up to 25 lbs. of equipment, enough for even the largest binoculars, and even medium-sized Cassegrain or reflector telescopes. The mount/tripod combo weighs 19 lbs. fully assembled.

Below the U-Mount, the Paragon Plus XHD tripod will hold your equipment solidly, with adjustable legs and neck to find the exact height you require.

The tripod is constructed almost exclusively of aluminum, making it strong at key stress points. It features large, adjustable aluminum-tube legs with robust lock lever clamps for convenient setup and takedown.

Each tripod leg features graduated reference etchings so you can quickly and easily extend each leg to the same preferred length – a great timesaver when trying to setup gear in a hurry. The tripod legs are tri-braced to the center elevator housing for extra stability. The tripod is 67″ tall when fully extended, putting astronomical binoculars easily at eye level for most observers.

The tubular tripod legs measure 1-1/4-inch maximum diameter and each leg is laterally braced with dual 3/4″ aluminum tubes. The central elevator shaft is 1-1/8″ diameter, and features 11-3/4″ of vertical travel. The tripod collapses down to a portable 34″ weighing just 9 lbs.

The Orion U-Mount and Paragon Plus XHD Package has a US retail price of $599.

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