OVNI Night Vision

OVNI Night Vision has announce the availability of the OVNI-B, a night vision binoviewer which integrates two 27mm focal length eyepieces and a military intensifier tube GEN3 Thin-Film White Phosphor P45.

Night vision is based on intensifier tubes using a technology allowing real-time observation in the visible and near infrared spectrum (wavelengths between 400nm and 1000nm. Extremely versatile, the OVNI-B can be used with all refractor & reflector telescopes, either directly at prime focus, afocal or hand-held (like binoculars).

OVNI Night VisionThe OVNI Night Vision OVNI-B features include:

– Autogated to protect the tube in case of high light intensity.

– Manual gain control to reduce or eliminate scintillation (mainly when using a filter).

– Diopter adjustment to adapt to the sight of each user (myopic, astigmatic, spectacle wearers).

– Flexible and 360 degree rotatable eyeguard to adapt to the morphology of each user.

– 1.25″ barrel with thread for filters (optional 2″ adapter).

– Multi-coated lenses.

– C/CS mount adapter (c-mount).

– Standard thread (1/4 UNC) on both sides.

– Tube inspection report.

– 26mm F1.2 front lens.

– Lanyard, protective pouch, 1 battery CR123.

OVNI Night Vision also offers the OVNI-M, a night vision monocular with 26mm focal length and 1.25″ barrel using the military intensifier tube GEN3 Thin-Film White Phosphor P45.

You can learn more here.

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