Pegasus Astro Falcon Rotator

The Pegasus Astro Falcon Rotator is a light-weight, low profile camera field rotator. Despite its thin size, the Falcon can lift and handle heavy image trains with exact accuracy. The Pegasus Astro Falcon Rotator offers ease of operation via ASCOM drivers or standalone software that will automatically adjust with precision. Here is a rundown of the new camera field rotator:

Low Profile/M54 Threaded

Thickness of the rotator is 18mm/0.7inches and the weight is 700 grams (1.5lbs). Both openings of the rotator are M54 threaded.

Adapters for Both Sides Included

Pegasus Astro provide a different adapter for each side:

– Telescope Side: M54 male to 2” Nosepiece

– Camera Side: M54 Male to M48 Male Adapter

Pegasus Astro Falcon RotatorPrecise Rotation

A high power geared/low backlash stepper motor ensures that the rotator will lock to the designated degrees. Mechanics inside the focuser guarantee zero flex in any point during a full circle rotation.

Rated Load

The Pegasus Astro Falcon Rotator has been tested at 6Kg /13.2lbs of imaging setup. The 6 stainless steel branded bearings are designed to handle higher payloads with zero flexure.

De-Rotation Support for Alt/Az mounts

The rotator has the precision to fully support Alt/Az mounts. The company is testing new software for de-rotation calculations which will be available soon.

ASCOM & INDI Support

The Pegasus Astro Falcon Rotator is fully ASCOM6 supported. INDI support will follow by the time of the launch

Standalone Software

The Falcon Rotator can be controlled from the supplied standalone Windows software.

Pegasus Astro Falcon Rotator Package Includes:

– Falcon Rotator

– M54 male to 2” Nosepiece

– M54 Male to M48 Male Adapter

– USB Type B cable (1.8m)

– Cigarette lighter adapter to 2.1mm plug

Specifications include:

– Size180: mm x 140mm x 56mm

– Material: Blue Anodized Aluminum

– Clear Aperture: 54mm/2.13in

– Steps per degree: 86.6 steps per degree (31.192 steps per full revolution); (full step drive – can be increased with microstepping)

– Payload: 6Kg /13.2lbs

– Telescope Adapter: M54 male to 2” Nosepiece

– Camera Adapter: M54 Male to M48 Male Adapter

– Back Focus: 18mm / 0.7”

– Weight: 0.7Kg/1.54 lbs.

– Connectivity: USB 2.0

– Operating Power: 12V /1Amp

You can learn more here.

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