Planetary Astronomy Guide

The Planetary Astronomy guide is a comprehensive book about observing, imaging, and studying planets. It has been written by seven authors, all being skillful amateur observers in their respective domains: Christian Viladrich, Marc Delcroix, Jean-Jacques Poupeau, Frédéric Burgeot, Giuseppe Monachino, and Jean-Pierre Prost. This is a translation and an update of the book Astronomie planétaire who is a great success in France since 2015.

Planetary Astronomy Guide With the Planetary Astronomy guide you will learn to:

– Make the best use of your equipment including choosing an instrument, setting correctly the optics of the telescope, setting the camera, using planetary filters, and how to train your eye to see all possible details at the eyepiece.

– Anticipate weather and seeing conditions.

– Use in depth planetary software including Autostakkert!, Registax, and WinJupos to learn how to objectively process details and colors.

– Identify features on planets. Each of the seven planets (except for Earth of course) has a detailed chapter that will help you to learn how to anticipate cycles of activity on Jupiter, recognize dust storms on Mars, detect bright storms on Uranus or Neptune and more.

– Analyze your data to go beyond simple observations. The Planetary Astronomy guide covers measuring position and details drifting on planets, making cartographies, as well as how to participate with advanced observing projects including cooperation with scientists.

Information on how to order the Planetary Astronomy guide is available here.

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