Rigel nFRAME Astroimaging Stepper and Controller

The Rigel nFRAME Astroimaging Stepper and Controller now offers a solution for imagers who have the William Optics Reducer 61R Flattener Rotator, the M-CAA92 or M-CAA63 camera rotator. This Rigel Systems low cost solution for automation from your PC is simple and effective and doesn’t add any length to your imaging stack.

Rigel nFRAME Astroimaging Stepper and ControllerAttachment is quick and easy, simply (1) slip the gear over the knurled ring and tighten three set screws, (2) slip the stepper with its split ring bracket over the stationary ring and tighten one screw, (3) plug stepper into nFRAME controller and you’re ready to go!   Only

The nFRAME controller is fully ASCOM compliant and compatible with all higher level camera control software that offers camera rotation control. It is very easy to operate via ASCOM drivers or standalone software automatically adjust with precision your camera field. Interfacing with the computer is also extremely simple. Just plug in the USB, 12VDC and DC motor cable, let Windows install the drivers, open up the USB-nFRAME ASCOM app to connect and start using your rotator.

The Rigel nFRAME Stepper and Controller is priced at $289.90US. You can learn more about the solution here.

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