SAT Volume 1 Issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Solar Astronomy Today!  Created by the Publishers of Astronomy Technology Today, we are excited to offer this new magazine for those interested in learning more about solar imaging and viewing as well as offering a resource for those interested in how to maximize their experience with the upcoming Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023 and the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024.

In this issue Dr. Douglas Arion shows how the affordable Galileoscope enables kids of all ages (adults included) to build and observe with a telescope similar to (but much better than) Galileo’s. With new solar filters, a Galileoscope can now be used to study the Sun every day – especially for the upcoming eclipses

Dr. James Dire has travelled around the globe to see myriad solar eclipses over the course of his life including five continents and countries such as China, Iceland, Turkey, and Zambia, and tropical islands such as Aruba and Hawaii (the official name of the Big Island). It goes without saying that he has a lot of experience planning these solar eclipse trips and knows what typically goes right and what can go wrong. In his article, “Making the Most of the Upcoming 2023 and 2025 Solar Eclipses,” he has a wealth of information to provide.

In his in-depth review, astro and solar imager Austin Grant shows how the Hinode Solar Guider from Astro Hutech has turned out to be one of his favorite astronomy tools as it has eliminated all of the controllable sources of frustration from his solar imaging workflow.

For eclipse chasers of all skills, Bradley Worrell shows how the Solar Snap is a safe, innovative and affordable kit that has everything you need to easily photograph an eclipse with your phone. Download the provided app, attach the solar filter to your phone and you are ready to capture some eclipse magic!

And not to forget the Solar Products Section which provides a deep dive into the newest and most innovative solar imaging and viewing technology available.

We hope you enjoy!

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