ScopeStuff Finder Adapter for Explore Scientific/Meade

The ScopeStuff Finder Adapter for Explore Scientific/Meade, like so many ScopeStuff accessories, solves a unique problem.

ScopeStuff Finder Adapter Explore Scientific and Meade share a unique finder mounting foot and shoe system, but most available and imported finder accessories use a finder foot that is standard to Vixen, Synta and Orion scopes. Some scopes are easy to modify with a replacement finder shoe and some require partial disassembly of the tube assembly to make the change.

To solve this problem, the ScopeStuff Finder Adapter lets you use aftermarket accessories on Explore Scientific and Meade scopes. No drilling is needed, just clamp the adapter in the finder shoe. The foot can be reversed for left or right side clamp screws. The adapters are black anodized aluminum, stainless steel hardware and aluminum.

But perhaps you ask, what about a ScopeStuff Finder Adapter that adapts Explore Scientific and Meade finder mounts to scopes with Orion/Vixen/Synta type finder shoes? ScopeStuff offers that as well.

The adapter is supplied with 4 setscrews and 2 nylon thumbscrews, so it can affixed to Explore Scientific/Meade finder rings with the setscrews or it can be utilized in an Orion finder shoe and used with the thumbscrews. The adapter is symmetrical end-to-end, the stop screw holes are top and bottom at each end, and there are 2 locking screw holes in each side.

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