Scopetech Mount Zero GoTo Kit

A new Scopetech Mount Zero GoTo Kit is now available for the Scopetech Mount Zero, an ultra-portable, single arm fork mount. With a 7kg payload it is a deceptively simple alt-azimuth mount that features a ball bearing plus worm gear and wheel on each axis rather than a basic clutch meaning there is no need to tighten/loosen once the friction is set.

Scopetech Mount Zero GoTo KitThe Scopetech Mount Zero GoTo Kit upgrades the Mount Zero to full GoTo and tracking. It is available as either an Alt-Az GoTo upgrade or EQ GoTo upgrade. It is not currently possible to switch between Alt-Az or EQ Mode. This upgrade transforms the Mount Zero into a highly portable and high quality GoTo mount.

The Japanese manufactured mount without the GoTo Kit is used manually by pushing the scope or using optional flexible slow-motion controls for accurate adjustment. The mount’s Hirth Joint coupling method achieves both rigidness and flexibility and provides the ability to adjust the angle at 10-degree increments while maintaining rigidness Each axis has ball bearing, worm gear and wheel.

Scopetech Mount Zero specifications include.

– 7kg payload

– Compact & Lightweight: 240mm x 100mm x 110mm when fully folded down

Scopetech Mount Zero GoTo Kit– Super portable – weighs only 1.4kg

– Hirth joint allows arm angle adjustment at 10º increments whilst maintaining rigidity

– Free stop and slow motion controls

– CAE-designed super solid arm structures

– Flexible slow-motion control cables available separately – uses the popular 6mm diameter

– 3/8″ tripod mount at the base and includes a 1/4″ bushing adapter

– Vixen-style Dovetail Clamp

– Standard Takahashi 35mm separation threaded holes on the arm mean you can attach Takahashi clamshells directly.

To use the Scopetech Mount Zero GoTo Kit EQ Mode Controller it is necessary to purchase a wedge (Star Adventurer Wedge can be used). Specifications of the kit include:

– Two controllers available – Alt-Az or EQ

– The Mount ZERO is upgrade-ready with no modifications

– 400x GOTO Speed

– ZWO ASIAir compatible

– The kit includes a controller, cables, motor units, belts, pulleys, mounting screws and cigarette lighter plug

– Easy installation

– Backlash-free belt-driven mechanism

– Quiet micro-stepped hybrid motors

– MT-EQ(EQ controller) is capable of working with German EQ mounts as well by changing the tracking parameters (IE gear ratios and motor steps).

You can learn more here.

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