PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 Telescope Focusing Motor

PrimaLuceLab’s SESTO SENSO 2 is a highly accurate, advanced, vibration free, robotic focusing motor for telescopes. It is designed to connect to the USB port of an EAGLE telescope controller or Windows computer to electronically control focus while still allowing you to manually move the focuser by hand if needed.

SESTO SENSO 2If you don’t want to focus using a computer, you can connect wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet using the integrated Virtual HandPad via the built-in Wi-Fi network in the SESTO SENSO 2. Using the Self Centering Clamp technology (SCC), it can be installed on most focusers without the need of external brackets.

The supplied FOCUS Manager software and ASCOM driver allow easy configuration of the many advanced features of the SESTO SENSO 2. Due to the precisely controlled motor with integrated electronics, the focuser achieves incredible precision of just 0.7 microns.

Based on the success of the previous generation motor PrimaLuceLab introduced in 2017, SESTO SENSO 2 adds even more new features including:

– USB-C port to connect to any standard computer or EAGLE USB port: the USB-C port is a more sturdy, reliable connection and it is also reversible, allowing for easier connections in the dark.

– Integrated Wi-Fi connection with Virtual HandPad: if you don’t want to use a computer to control your telescope’s focuser, you can use your smartphone or tablet connected to the SESTO SENSO 2 Wi-Fi network to control it with the Virtual HandPad.

– Self Centering Clamp (SCC) technology to connect to focusers without external brackets: easily connect it to most focusers (if needed, optional adapters are available for other focusers) with the bushings included in the box, improved over the previous version.

– Dimmable LED lights: LED lights on the SESTO SENSO 2 body are dimmable and can even be turned off completely. This way you can reduce light emission if you prefer during astrophotography or visual use.

– Compatible with ARCO camera rotator: SESTO SENSO 2 now comes with ARCO port to easily connect the ARCO camera rotator without the need for additional data or power cables.

SESTO SENSO 2 integrates all of the control electronics into a single compact enclosure with its ports displayed on the side. In the upper area is located the dimmable status LEDs that can be turned off for better light management at night. Below the LEDs, the USB-C port is located to connect the SESTO SENSO 2 to an EAGLE or other Windows computer using the provided cable. Also located in this space is the ARCO port to power and control the optional ARCO camera rotator with a single cable; the 12V power supply port that powers the motor and integrated electronics using the provided cigarette lighter socket power cable (an optional cable is also available to power it directly from the EAGLE); and the port for the optional temperature sensor that allows (by using third party software) to perform auto focus adjustment procedures with the ambient temperature variation.

The the focuser comes with a sturdy USB-C port to connect to the USB port on the EAGLE or any Windows computer (cable provided), and control it via the provided FOCUSER Manager software or the ASCOM driver. It uses a USB-C port providing increased reliability with its reversible plug: you can connect the USB cable in either orientation, preventing problems when connected in the dark.

The SESTO SENSO 2 now offers built-in Wi-Fi remote control capability so you can control it from any smartphone or tablet, without the need of a computer. Just connect your device to the Wi-Fi network of the SESTO SENSO 2, start the app and you will be able to control the focuser by using the dedicated Virtual HandPad. Using the preset settings provides the ability to record and move the focuser to specific predetermined positions which is works for visual use as well. The Wi-Fi control works even if SESTO SENSO 2 is also connected to a computer so you can control it simultaneously from 2 devices.

The SESTO SENSO 2 doesn’t require any external brackets to attach to focusers. To install you remove the fine and coarse knobs from the focuser and to reveal a shaft. It is designed to fit to a 25mm diameter shaft, common to most focusers on the market. There are optional adapters available for focusers with shaft diameters of 33 or 37mm – other diameters are currently not compatible.

The SENSO 2 uses a new shaft connection bushing, improved over the previous generation, that has been designed to accommodate different focusers more easily. Another advantage of the SCC technology is that you can always use the manual (coarse) knobs of the focuser, even if SESTO SENSO 2 is installed. If you move the focuser by hand, in order to control the focuser again with SESTO SENSO you will only need to manually bring the focuser to the minimum position and press the “Set position as 0” button to calibrate it again..

The SENSO 2 can be used with many different telescopes including Newtonians, refractors, and Schmidt-Cassegrain (and aplanatic versions) with external manual focusers. If you are searching for a motorized focuser for your SC/RC type telescope and you haven’t already installed an external focuser, PrimaLuceLab offers the ESATTO focuser with a high load capacity, integrated motor, and the same advanced electronic control found in the SESTO SENSO 2.

SESTO SENSO 2The SESTO SENSO 2 includes a special port allowing ARCO, the camera rotator, to be directly connected. With ARCO, you can remotely control the rotation angle of your camera in order to achieve perfect framing of the object you want to record. SENSO 2 and ARCO are designed to work together – you will need only one short interconnect between the two.

The SENSO 2 the motor and the control electronics is offered in a single compact package (dimensions 87.5 x 64 x 43mm). The housing is made up of a single block of aluminum weighing just 380 grams. It is CNC machined with a beautiful red anodized finish. The upper part of the SESTO SENSO 2 is made up of rigid plastic in order to allow the Wi-Fi antenna to operate for an easier remote control.

SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor package includes a 12v DC cigarette-style plug power cable; USB-C to standard USB cable; Hex keys for assembly; 5 color-keyed bushings for different focuser types and a quick installation guide.

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