Sharpstar 20032PNT Newtonian Reflector

The Sharpstar 20032PNT is an ultra-short focal ratio paraboloid Newtonian reflector with an ultra-fast focal ratio of f/3.2 and a focal length of 420mm. The telescope reaches f/3.2 by using a 200mm f/3.8 paraboloid, a 90mm plane secondary mirror of short axis, and a 3-inch quartette 0.85 times error correction mirror.

The Sharpstar 20032PNT primary mirror is made of H-PZ33 borosilicate glass  (that offers a similar low expansion coefficient of Pyrex) and the primary and secondary mirrors are all made of reinforced aluminum coating with a reflectivity ensured to be above 96%. The large 90mm secondary mirror is rigidly kept in place by a monopiece secondary mirror spider that does not bend or twist.

Sharpstar 20032PNTThe optical path contains a quartette image-field correction mirror, which, in combination with the system, ensures full field photography and excellent peripheral reduction control and perfect focusing with the M54×0.75 threaded at the end of the focuser and the 55mm focal plane (M48×0.75 thread with 52mm rear focal length).

The Sharpstar 20032PNT optical tube is made of carbon fiber and has a cooling fan on the primary mirror and an integrated dew heater. The tube is internally blackened to reduce reflections and absorb stray light.

A digital panel shows temperature and humidity in real time. The large rack and pinion 3″ focuser can be rotated 360°and it has a reduction gear of 1:10 for precise focusing and the rack and pinion focusing mechanism of brass and the mechanical components are engineered to provide the best rigidity, performance and durability. The telescope includes anodized aluminum tube rings, a carry handle and matching dust cover.

Sharpstar 20032PNT specifications include:

– Optical design: Newton reflector with integrated reflector

– Objective diameter: 200 mm

– Focal length: 640 mm (with 0.85x corrector)

– Focal ratio: f/3.2 (with 0.85x corrector)

– Secondary mirror: 90 mm (minor axis)

– Obstruction: 35.0%

– Resolving power: 0.60 arc second

– Stellar limiting magnitude 13.51

– Max. magnification: 400 x

– Mount attachment Losmandy style bar (254 mm)

– Focuser: Rack & pinion, dual speed (10:1) 3″ diameter

– Camera connection: M48 x 0.75 male

– Corrector distance: 55 mm

– Tube weight: 9.46 kg (including tube rings and dovetail bar)

– Tube length: 633 mm

– Tube diameter: 280.5 mm

– Tube material: Carbon fiber

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