Simulation Curriculum Creates New Forums for SkySafari Users

Simulation Curriculum’s SkySafari has grown to be one of the most popular and heavily used astronomy programs in the world. Of course, with this type of audience for a software application, there are also a lot of questions users have on maximizing the power of the program.
As many companies have found, Yahoo groups have limitations in searchability and scale as user communities expand. For SkySafari, the answer was to create an in-house forum option using ZenDesk, which provided the ability to be customized specifically for their user community.

One benefit of the new forum is that SkySafari developers will be closely monitoring the forums and will be available to answer your questions. Taking things a step further, the forums are tied in with the company’s ZenDesk customer support ticket system, so if they believe a question or discussion warrants being taken private as a support ticket, they can easily do so. The forums are also tied into the SkySafari knowledge base and the entire forum is searchable to quickly get to the most relevant content.

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