Sky Chart Printing

Sky chart printing and more are now available from PDX Astronomy. The new service provides the ability for you to print your favorite sky charts, atlases, observing guides and other field manuals on water-proof paper.

Sky Chart PrintingThe process is simple, simply email your documents in a PDF with your order. PDX Astronomy also offering other printing products/services including lamination, binding, and printing large size astro images on photo paper including “metallic” photo paper. Pricing and ordering instructions are available on the PDX Astronomy website.

PDX Astronomy was established earlier this year by Bhavesh Jivanlal Parekh of Portland Oregon, to make available his “A Comprehensive Field Guide To The NGC” which is a four-volume field guide with over 7,000 images of NGC objects. The Sky chart printing service is an outgrowth of publishing the guide.

The field guide is divided into four volumes by seasons: two volumes for autumn/winter and two for spring/summer. Each season’s volumes list constellations alphabetically and then the objects in NGC numeric order within each constellation.

Each volume is 150 to 180 pages. The books are spiral-bound on the long-edge for easy page-flipping and taking up little space on already crammed observing tables. Images are printed in 3.25” x 3.25” size for easy visualization and show the field of view, as well the actual size of objects.

Volume 1 and 2 (Autumn/Winter) are priced at $125US and Volume 3 and 4 (Spring/Summer) is 125US as well. All four volumes are priced at $225US.

You can learn more here.

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