SkyFi 3 Wireless Telescope Control

Simulation Curriculum’s SkyFi 3 offer big performance in a small package. The SkyFi 3 WiFi-to-Serial adapter is designed for wireless telescope control, so if you have a computer-controlled Go-To telescope, SkyFi can use the WiFi capabilities built into your Mac, PC, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to point your telescope in the sky.

SkyFi 3It is compatible with nearly all computerized telescopes, scope-control apps and operating systems. It is RS-232 and USB compatible, Windows and Mac compatible, and iOS and Android compatible. SkyFi III not only includes both USB and Serial ports, it also includes a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 12 hours of field use. SkyFi III is very compact, barely larger than an iPhone. It can be easily attached to your telescope’s mount or tripod; a Velcro belt is included for that purpose.

SkyFi 3 has a micro-USB connector for external power. It can be powered or charged from a standard 5-volt USB port on your computer. The package includes a micro-USB power adapter that accepts worldwide AC current (100- 240V, 50-60 Hz). Outside of North America, a plug adaptor will be necessary. You can also power SkyFi III from a car battery using a automobile-style micro-USB charger.

Once powered on, SkyFi III creates its own 802.11 wireless network. By default, this is an open wireless network called “SkyFi,” but you can rename and secure it as desired. Join this network from your mobile device, laptop, or other computer, and you’re ready to go. If your computer or mobile device gets its IP address by DHCP, no additional network configuration is required.

Use your existing telescope serial cable and plug directly into SkyFi III – you don’t need to buy (or build) another. Finally, you’ll also need a telescope control application running on your computer or mobile device. SkyFi III works seamlessly with Simulation Curriculum’s SkySafari apps for iOS and Android devices, its SkySafari software running on Mac OS X, and its Starry Night software on Mac and via Virtual Serial Port on Windows.

SkyFi 3 is priced at $199.95US.

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