SQM Reader Pro 3 Updates

Knightware has announced the release of a free update to its SQM Reader Pro 3 software. The update contains both a significant enhancement and a new feature.

SQM Reader Pro 3 UpdatesThe enhancement adds support for high resolution monitors. The support works best on Windows 8.1 and 10 although it also runs on Windows 7 and 8.

The new feature supports sending readings directly to the Globe at Night – Sky Brightness Monitoring Network (GaN-MN). Data that is submitted to the Network is curated for accuracy and consistency so that researchers can access the data for various studies.

This is a great step forward in making data available for several disciplines, such as the effects of skyglow (light pollution) on astronomy, human biology and animal migration. Users of SQM Reader Pro 3 must register their meter installation with GaN-MN so that it can be accessed by researchers.

SQM Reader Pro 3 uses your computer’s Ethernet connection to read dark sky data from the SQM model LE, a USB port from models LU and LU-DL, and a 9-pin serial port from the model LR. You can read dark sky data from the model LE over a network or use an Ethernet crossover cable to read it directly. You can read dark sky data from models LU, LU-DL and LR directly via the appropriate cable. SQM Reader Pro 3 does not calibrate the Sky Quality Meter or alter its accuracy.

You can learn about the Globe at Night – Sky Brightness Monitoring Network here.

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