Tele Vue SRT-2010 Starbeam

Tele Vue has released a quick-release mounting system for the Starbeam finder. The SRT-2010 Starbeam is Tele Vue’s latest version – SRT stands for (S)tarbeam, (R)emovable, (T)ele Vue) and it employs Tele Vue’s existing Quick Release Bracket and the Dovetail system.

StarbeamThrough the lens Starbeam users see an unamplified, natural sky background with a 10 arc-minute (1/3 Moon diameter) collimated “red-star” superimposed over it. Alignment adjustment is built in to Starbeam so no tools are required to align it with your scope. For high-angle targets, the unique flip mirror feature saves your knees and neck by letting you look down into the mirror to see the reflection of the sky.

With its 39mm aperture, the projected image is easily seen any distance behind Starbeam, whether 2 inches or 2 feet. The finely made glass lens acts as a beamsplitter to combine the natural sky background with the superimposed red pointing “star.” The first lens surface acts as a collimating mirror so the “red-star” stays stationary against the sky background regardless of how it is viewed. It’s 6-arc-minute accuracy over any eye position allows you to pin-point objects – even with high-power eyepieces in the telescope. A compensating curve is designed into the second lens surface to provide the normal sky background view and is multi-coated to eliminate double images.

Starbeam is custom machined completely from aluminum and then black anodized, even down to the “push-pull” thumb screws. The finder comes in three mounting versions for Tele Vue rings, Newtonian scopes, and Schmidt–Cassegrain scopes.

The new quick release bracket mounts to channels in Tele Vue single ring mounts and dual mount rings with two supplied screws. The dovetail comes mounted to the base of the Starbeam. This new mounting arrangement allows the Starbeam to be easily swapped in and out of the quick release bracket for transportation or use on different scopes and without the need to touch the Starbeam’s alignment. If you choose to leave the Starbeam on your scope, you can still close the lid on your Tele Vue case. The Dovetail also allows the Starbeam to mount on Orion and Sky-Watcher finder shoes as well as on select models from other manufacturers.

Tele Vue also now offers Tactical Night Vision TNV/PVS-14 L3 Gen3 Un-Filmed White Phosphor night vision monoculars packaged with complimentary Tele Vue accessories for astronomical observing.

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