Starlight Instruments SI-RCEF

The Starlight Instruments SI-RCEF allows you to electronically control the helical focuser of the William Optics Red Cat and Space Cat 51mm Telescopes.

Starlight Instruments SI-RCEFThe Starlight Instruments SI-RCEF comes with a modified version of the company’s Handy Stepper Motor (HSM). This “Handy” stepper motor unit motor housing allows you to still be able to manually turn the focus knob on the focuser by simply turning the over-ride knob on the motor housing.  This motor has a built-in temperature thermistor for temperature control through the SI-EFS and the Focuser Boss II digital system.

The Starlight Instruments SI-RCEF motor is controlled with either the Starlight Instruments Electronic Focusing System (SI-EFS) or the Focuser Boss II.

The Electronic Focusing System (EFS) is a stepper controller that works through any ASCOM compliant software. The system comes standard with the digital hub, hand controller. The hand controller has an innovative feature in that you can change the number of steps the focuser moves from 1 step, 10 step, or 100 step increments.  This is done by pressing the knob on the hand controller.  Each step speed has an LED light mode, RED 1 step, Amber 10 step, 100 Green step.

The Focuser Boss II also works through any ASCOM compliant software, such as Maxim DL, FocusMax, SG Pro, and CCD Soft. It offers a Wi-Fi option allows you to control the focuser via Smart phone or IPAD.  Your phone can be used to control the focuser and the hand controller is not needed unless you want to use both a Smart phone and Hand Controller.

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