StarTools 7 Release

The StarTools 7 release offers the latest version of the StarTools image processing engine for astrophotography that tracks your signal and its noise component as you process. StarTools monitors your signal and its noise component, per-pixel, throughout your processing time offering excellent image quality and unique functionality.

StarTools 7 ReleaseNow in its 10th anniversary, StarTools 7 offers extensive knowledge of the past, present and – sometimes – future of your signal. These things include mathematically correct deconvolution of heavily processed data, mathematically correct color calibration of stretched data, and a noise reduction routine that seems to “just know” exactly where noise grain in your final image is located.

StarTools 7 uses new brute force and data mining techniques, so your signal is preserved as much as possible till the very end. StarTools makes use of the advances in CPU power, RAM and storage space, replacing old algorithms with new, more powerful ones. The result offers superior signal fidelity, detail, quality, user-friendliness and capabilities.

The software provides the ability to create and process complex composites as if they were simple DSLR datasets. The Compose mode processes luminance (detail) and color separately in parallel. Processing LRGB, LLRGB, LSHO and more in one go without combining later is possible and yields cleaner results due to cross-dataset signal consultation.

You can learn more about StarTools 7 here.

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