Stellarvue Universal Field Flattener

The Stellarvue universal field flattener is designed for cameras with sensors that are full frame and smaller and comes in versions that work with each of the company’s telescopes.

Stellarvue Universal Field FlattenerThe flattener is of a proprietary design and is manufactured at Stellarvue’s California manufacturing facility. Each Stellarvue universal field flattener is designed and fabricated to tight tolerances to minimize spherical issues. The flattener threads into the focuser using an M68X1 thread and Stellarvue has various adapters if needed.

For attachment to a camera system, the flattener lens assembly itself has a back focal length that varies depending on which telescope is used. The optimal performance of the flattener will be achieved when the flattener is a specified distance from the actual camera sensor inside the camera and this distance will vary depending on which telescope it is used with.

Here is the distance the back (camera side) of the universal flattener will need to be from the camera sensor for the following Stellarvue SVX telescopes:

– SVX080T  – 105.5mm

– SVX102T  – 97.3 mm

– SVX102TR – 97.3 mm

– SVX130T  – 93.4 mm

– SVX152T  – 90 mm

– SVX180T  – 90 mm

There are a number of kits available for the Stellarvue universal field flattener so it will work with most CCD and DSLR cameras on the market. Kits include extension tubes, spacer rings and an adapter. These kits are designed to place the field flattener at the proper distance from the sensor.

The following information is needed from the purchaser when ordering to create a kit (this information should be in the camera’s user manual or online):

  1. The thread size on the front of the camera system (such as M48X.75).
  2. The exact distance from the camera’s attachment thread to the sensor. This distance must include everything in a camera system. When using a CCD camera with accessories such as an off axis guider or filter wheel, this information needs to be included in the number to determine the actual total length from a camera system’s attachment thread to the sensor such as: (A) camera 10 mm; (B) off axis guider 15 mm; (C) filter wheel 25 mm = total camera system backfocus of 50 mm.

You can learn more about the Stellarvue universal field flattener here.

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