Taurus Dobsonian Telescopes

Taurus Dobsonian telescopes are offered from Taurus Telescopes, a Polish telescope manufacturer of ultralight, compact Dobsonian telescopes from 14” – 24”.

Taurus Dobsonian TelescopesTaurus is now offering digital setting circles (DSCs) for their line of Dobsonian telescopes. This accessory provides the telescope with constant information about the position of its axes. Simply connect your smartphone to the telescope and in a planetarium app you can see which area of the sky your telescope is looking at. Find an interesting object in the planetarium app and let your smartphone show you how to PushTo the telescope in order to observe this object through the eyepiece.

Owners of Taurus Dobsonian telescopes can buy the DSC kit to retrofit their telescopes. New Taurus models are available with pre-installed DSC as an option.

The Taurus Dobsonian telescopes DSC System specifications include:

– Works with Knightware, SkySafari, SkyMap Pro, Stelarium, TheSky and other software.

– Compatible with iOS (iPad, iPhone, MAC), Android and Windows devices.

– Communication via Bluetooth or WiFi. Up to 4 devices can be connected simultaneously.

– 5V power supply via USB or 5-9V power supply (No power supply included)

– High resolution 8192 PPR encoders

– 3 LEDs indicating Bluetooth, WiFi and power status

The Taurus DSC System standalone package includes:

– 2 high-resolution capacitive 8192 PPR encoders with adapters and assembly kit

Taurus Dobsonian TelescopesDSC module

– Wires for connecting encoders

– USB power cord

– Unscrewed aluminum arm for mounting the encoder in the ALT axis

– 2 axes with machine bearings

Taurus Telescopes are made to order individually so that upgrades like secondary mirror heating, digital setting circles and a primary mirror cooling fan can be included upon order. You can learn more here.

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