Tele Vue Nikon Adapter

The new Tele Vue Nikon Adapter was developed for Nikon camera astro-imaging enthusiasts. It helps solve the problem of typical Nikon T-ring / telescope setups which do not take advantage of the wide aperture of the bayonet mount as significant vignetting is caused by the constriction of the T-ring opening.

Tele Vue Nikon Adapter
Tele Vue Nikon F-Mount Wide T Adapter with Bayonet

The F-Mount is Nikon’s long-running camera mount that originated on the Nikon F in 1959 and has been used ever since – including on the current Nikon D850. Nikon Z-series mirrorless cameras, employing an F-to-Z adapter (FTZ), can also be used with the Tele-Vue Nikon Adapter

Tele Vue’s new Nikon F-Mount Wide T Adapter with Bayonet connects to a Nikon F-mount camera in place of the T-ring and provides 13% greater aperture to minimize vignetting. The other side of this adapter fits Tele-Vue’s proprietary 2.4″ Imaging System accessories with no additional T-adapter required.

Tele Vue has also released a new Imaging System Nosepiece for 2″ Focuser). This allows 2″ focusers to use Tele Vue Imaging System accessories. The nosepeice can also be combined with non-Imaging System scopes of any brand by using a Tele Vue Imaging System Nosepiece for 2″ Focuser which slides into a 2″ telescope drawtube and has a 2.4″ Imaging System thread on the other side to accept any Imaging System accessory.

You can learn more about the new Tele-Vue Nikon Adapter and the Imaging System Nosepiece here.

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