Telescopi Italiani TI-160 Wynne Corrector

The Telescopi Italiani TI-160 Wynne Corrector is professional optical corrector optimized for extremely fast parabolic mirrors from f/3.5 to down f/2.5. The corrector offers a solution for high end prime focus combinations in super-fast parabolic mirrors with a diameter above 450 mm.

With a huge aperture diameter of 160 mm and with the use of special glass, the new product is a high performing corrector allowing extremely wide field corrector and field illumination. The TI-160 Wynne Corrector has been designed to have 82 mm of back-focus allowing functionally with virtually any combination of cameras, filter-wheel and adapters.

Telescopi Italiani TI-160 Wynne CorrectorTelescopi Italiani TI-160 Wynne Corrector Specifications:

– Aperture diameter: 160 mm

– Barrel total length: 274 mm

– Barrel max diameter: 180 mm

– Back-focus from flange: 82 mm

– Weight: 3.2 kg

– Lenses: n. 3 – ED lens and special glasses

– Lens coating: 400-900 AR coating

– Optimized for: f/2.5 to f/3.5 parabolic mirrors

Telescopi Italiani is an Italian company founded in early 2014 by professionals with decades of experience in the field of amateur astronomy, in mechanics and design of astronomical instruments. Its goal is to become a reference point in the field of the world market of astronomical instruments. The founders come from different fields and experiences: both have extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering, materials, optics, micro controls and all the advanced technologies and are joined by the same deep love for astronomy.


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